Year: 2017-2019
VFX + Color Grading

Agency: SCR interactive
Production: Jumpcat

We played a key role in the creation of the Slovak version of an advertising campaign for the Finnish vodka Amundsen, which became famous for its catchphrase “Etter destillere”. Our studio was responsible the entire post-production process. We acted as consultants during the filming process, performed editing, added visual effects of a rolling avalanche and scenery, and conducted color grading.

In our scenario, two men are seen chatting and raising their glasses while standing in a serene winter landscape, with a massive snow avalanche rushing behind them. In 2017, the production studio Jumpcat approached us to collaborate on the project. The conversation between the two actors was filmed by cameraman Martin Chlpík against a greenscreen in a studio. Our role was to ensure that the lighting and other details were correct during filming. During post-production, we replaced the greenscreen with mountain scenery and added the falling avalanche, making sure that all components fit together seamlessly.

We also enhanced the scenography by adding frozen bits and snow to the shot, as the warm studio conditions meant that no real snow or ice would remain on the set. We created a fictional scene by combining videos and photos, which we integrated into a continuous image sequence. As part of the color correction process, we removed the green tones that spilled onto the actors from the green background. We created a cooler color scheme and shifted the scale to blue, resulting in a pleasant cool atmosphere.

Our collaboration with the client continued for several years, building on the success of the campaign.