Architekti RULES

Year: 2015
Production & Postproduction

We were commissioned by the architectural studio Architekti Rules to produce promotional videos showcasing the luxurious apartments in Eurovea shopping centre. Our team covered the complete production and post-production process, while the architectural studio designed and created the interiors featured in the videos.

To highlight the functional and automated features of the apartments, we implemented multiple effects such as showcasing the electronically controlled moving wall with a TV screen in the living room. Additionally, we showcased touch-operated elements, such as glass walls in the bathroom with adjustable transparency, and automatically opening cupboards.

As the video was conceptualized without people, we shot the footage with a person, and then removed them in post-production to showcase the automated features in an empty space. The filming was done in collaboration with our partner production company Prime Time Production, using a Red Scarlet camera with RED PRO PRIME lenses.