Year: 2019
VFX + Color Grading

Our studio was involved in producing a promotional video showcasing a new augmented reality (AR) technology. Since capturing AR with a camera is challenging, we were tasked with creating visual effects to demonstrate what users would experience with an AR helmet. On set, we supervised the process, including match moving to track the camera and objects in the shot, compositing the final effect, and color grading.

The video was shot in a unique setting – a university housed in an architecturally interesting building with non-horizontal floors, curves, and glass walls. The video was a one-shot clip, filmed from a first-person perspective to replicate the experience of using an AR helmet. To film the clip, a helmet with a camera was created, and the director, Daniel Rihak, wore it on his head to determine the camera view and actions in the shot.

Our initial task was to suggest how to shoot the clip in a way that allowed for visual effects. The VFX showcased the AR technology, such as animated captions that appeared when the user looked at a person, displaying their name or email. The video also demonstrated the AR’s ability to generate 3D objects like a giraffe or a hummingbird, highlighting the technology’s depth and focus capabilities. The 3D models were created by talented artist Martin Hazlinger.

In addition to creating visual effects, we also performed color grading to complement the lighting and set limitations. We worked with CREAL 3D, a Swiss startup that specializes in electronics, engineering, and AR technology, to produce the video in 2019, and continued our collaboration in 2022.