Year: 2021
Color Grading + VFX

Agency: MUW Saatchi & Saatchi
Production: Filmaari

Our studio collaborated with Filmaari, a production studio, in 2021 to create visual effects and Color Grading for various advertising campaigns such as Insurance, Hell, and Burger. For the promotion of Spirit accident insurance from ČSOB, our studio focused on Color Grading in a series of videos that featured a professional stunt rider on a bicycle demonstrating techniques to prevent injury in case of a collision with a car or a fall from a bicycle. As different cameras were used to shoot the footage, we ensured a consistent look by applying technical color corrections and creative grading. This involved adding a blue color palette, highlighting the actor’s face, and enhancing the overall image quality.

For the Inferno project, which was an ad for a bank account and socially responsible investing, we implemented creative visual effects and Color Grading. We combined our own visual effect of a burning tree with a special effect of a real burning tree to create a realistic effect. Additionally, we created a thermal camera view using visual effects to give the clip a unique stylized look. This involved selecting individual colors and brightnesses and assigning a temperature scale to create our own color scale that resembled a thermal camera view.

In the Burger spot, another advertisement for the CSOB bank account and investing, we used creative Color Grading to create a fictional future where a burger made of plastic is reviewed by a food blogger. To enhance the sterility of the environment, we used a color palette that emphasized the individual plastic components of the burger. We also stylized the different color elements of the burger, such as the red foil representing meat and the yellow plastic element representing cheese. The clip used faux props and set design of food made from real plastic materials. We graded the footage to create the desired atmosphere.