Year: 2018
Production & Postproduction

Agency: Teapot

We provided end-to-end production services for a series of feature commercials, including script writing, shooting preparation, filming, and comprehensive post-production services such as video and audio editing, visual effects, and color grading.

Our work for Dekra Slovakia, which focuses on car safety, was aimed at illustrating the hazards of neglecting vehicle maintenance. To accomplish this, we used humorous and exaggerated situations, such as a too-big driver in a too-small car struggling with various issues on the road.

For example, in one clip, a failing handbrake causes an old car to block a rolling van, and in another, a prehistoric first aid kit is revealed to house a rat after an accident. We employed various techniques to create these dangerous traffic scenarios without the need for stunt performers. For instance, we used stationary cars with added background effects to simulate high-speed overtaking maneuvers that pushed vehicles off the road.