HB Reavis

Year: 2019
VFX + Color Grading

Agency: Diorama
Production: Filmaari

In 2019, we helped to create a series of online presentation videos for the international developer HB Reavis. Our main goal was to achieve a soft color atmosphere and help with sotrytelling, with use of visual effects and color grading. We implemented image alternation in smart screens and tablets, which were controlled by the actors in the individual shots. In some cases, the effects were simple replacement and in others, they were more complex.

Additionally, we were responsible for creating the actual look of the graphics and the animation design. These videos showcased smart office spaces and the possibilities of controlling and regulating functions such as lighting, thermoregulation, orientation in the space, or ordering drinks during meetings. The modern spaces could detect the movement of individual people and adjust the air conditioning accordingly. Panels located throughout the building controlled the entire system.
However, the spots in our partner Filmaari’s production were created before the buildings were launched, and the displays lacked an interface. It was also challenging to shoot the screens without unwanted reflections and flickers. Thus, we added and swapped the image in the control panels based on the shots taken to match the camera, the flares, the movement of the actors’ hands across the image, etc.