Institut Esthederm

Year: 2016
Color Grading

Production: Toxpro

We provided Color Grading and beauty retouching services for a series of commercials promoting French cosmetics. The testimonials, shot in natural exteriors, featured a range of performers with different ages and skin types. We enhanced the warm and sunny atmosphere through Color Grading, ensuring that all tones were soft and matched each other. Additionally, we paid particular attention to editing the performers’ complexions and colors to meet the client’s request for a flawless skincare product look and feel. Beauty retouching was also essential in post-production, where we corrected minor skin imperfections to sculpt the skin more beautifully and comprehensively, not just in static shots but also in motion. For example, during the shoot, one of the actresses developed an unwanted red dot on her face, which we removed during beauty retouching. Although beauty retouching is typically associated with photography, it is also a vital component of film visual effects.