Karpatské brandy

Year: 2011
CGI – 3D Animation

Production: Mr.Design

Our studio’s first commercial aired on television was an animation created for KBŠ. The advertisement showcases a highly stylized slow-motion shot of KBŠ being poured into a cup. The pouring of the alcohol was entirely created through 3D computer graphics, with a physical simulation designed to achieve the desired form and nature.

The virtual glass contained an invisible component that enabled the liquid to be conducted in accordance with our specified parameters. To bring our visual concept to life, we configured the parameters as if we were pouring jelly at 600 kilometers per hour. Despite being a completely digital creation, the entire shot looks realistic thanks to the use of realistic lighting and rendering. The background features a real burning fireplace that was inserted into the digital shot through compositing, further enhancing the sense of realism. Our studio collaborated with Mr. Design studio on this project, and the ad first aired in 2011.