Year: 2022
CGI – 3D Animation

Production: DIGITRIXX

We collaborated with post-production studio Digitrixx to produce three CGI spots featuring animation and simulations. Our studio was responsible for creating the visual content of the spots, from design to the delivery of rendered 3D animation. The campaign was centered around a butterfly, which is the central motif of our client, Kraj food network. The client wanted to promote individual foods such as baked goods, fruits, and milk, while continuing to use the butterfly element. In the animation, two pastries collide and form a flour butterfly, a fruit transform into a fruit butterfly and a milk to a milk butterfly, each made up of corresponding food products.

To create these animations, we used 3D scanning technology to digitize real products from Kraj food counters and create realistic 3D models of baked goods and vegetables. We also created virtual 3D models of the butterfly and the surrounding elements, and animated them to simulate the effects of a cloud of flour, a swirl of fruit, and the collision of two streams of milk.

Once we had completed the 3D animation, post-production studio Digitrixx took charge of the final compositing and 2D animation of the graphics. This collaboration resulted in a series of stunning 3D animated clips for the Kraj food network, which were launched in 2022.