Year: 2019
Color Grading + VFX

Agency: 5 Seconds Agency

Our studio was involved in the production of a series of summer travel insurance commercials featuring Slovak actor Ľuboš Kostelný as an angel in each of them. The father of the family is the main character who experiences a misfortune, injury, or typical summer holiday “catastrophe” in each spot, all constructed with humor and exaggeration. For color grading, we used color correction to enhance the pleasant summer atmosphere, as the commercials were not shot during the summer season. We adjusted the color scheme of cars and other small details and complemented the rich green of the drying grass.

In addition to grading, we also created a few visual effects shots. In one of the spots, the father of the family tries to catch a lobster by putting his hand into a tank of live lobsters, but one of them bites him, resulting in a comical situation where the lobster is caught on his hand. In reality, this scene involved a cut between live lobsters in the aquarium and an artificial prop on his hand. Our studio completed the transitions to make the entire situation believable. The commercials were produced in 2019 in collaboration with the production studio 5 Seconds Agency.