Year: 2021
66 shots

The Czech feature film has garnered high acclaim both locally and internationally, receiving 10 Czech Lion awards and an Oscar nomination for the Czech Republic. The biographical film chronicles the life of a legendary athlete during the first and second halves of the 20th century and features period-accurate costumes and film sets. However, due to budget constraints, it was not always feasible to create a historically accurate environment during filming. As a result, we made necessary adjustments during post-production. For instance, we removed air conditioning units and replaced modern windows with wooden ones in scenes filmed on the streets of Zlín. We also replaced modern lighting with period lamps and altered the facade of buildings in group scenes with runners. We digitally removed all 20 runners, fine-tuned the surroundings, and then placed the runners back in the scene. In the airplane scene, we filmed a real plane that was used during Zátopek’s era and is still flying today. To give it a period-accurate look, we digitally replaced the current markings on both the airplane and runway with the old ones.
Our work was done in collaboration with Studio 727, which worked in tandem with the Czech Visual effects house PFX.

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