Zelená štvorka

Year: 2019
VFX + Color Grading

Production: Filmaari

The advertisement titled Cause of Death is strongly centered around an ecological theme. We created visually stunning effects and performed color grading for the clip, which has a dark and almost apocalyptic tone. The story depicts a countdown of the number of people in Slovakia who die each year due to environmental pollution. One scene shows an elderly man filling his glass with polluted water from his garden, while outside his house, there is a landfill. Another scene shows a mother taking a toddler from a stroller on the balcony, with a nearby factory producing smoke and ash. To enhance the message, we added an antagonist in the form of a factory with smoke or a landfill, which was not present in the original footage shot on location. Our aim was to use invisible visual effects to effectively convey the message. In terms of color grading, we unified the visual style of each shot since they were filmed in different environments. Furthermore, we creatively shifted the commercial’s character by adding less saturated colors to achieve the desired gloomy, cold, and gray atmosphere.

Teodor Kuhn directed the commercial in 2019 as part of the joint pre-election campaign of four environmentally focused politicians from the PS and SPOLU parties. It was produced by the Filmaari production studio.