Zlatý Bažant

Year: 2020-2021
VFX + Color Grading

Agency: Made By Vaculík
Production: Filmaari

Zlatý Bažant, one of our esteemed clients, has partnered with us on various post-production advertising projects. Recently, in both 2020 and 2021, we collaborated on the creation of Radler 0.0% non-alcoholic beer commercials.

In the 2020 commercial, two young people are seated opposite each other at a table, drinking Radler 0.0%. The scene was filmed in a studio with a custom-built set design, and we employed a simple yet effective trick to add visual interest. Using rotoscoping, we cut out the actors’ hands and superimposed them in front of a vertical graphic line that divided the screen into his and her sections. The hands then switch from behind to in front of the line, creating an intriguing effect. The color grading of the ad, which was done in our studio, is vivid and lively, contributing to the relaxed, summery vibe.

The Radler 0.0% campaign, which we were invited to participate in by production studio Filmaari, proved to be a success, prompting a follow-up ad in 2021. Given the pandemic and isolation measures in place, the new ad featured only the actors’ hands as they cheers with cans of different Radler 0.0% designs. During post-production, we employed chroma keying to remove the background and replace it with actual campaign designs. As the cans were shiny and the hand movements were sometimes too fast and blurry, we used a combination of keying and rotoscoping to achieve the desired effect. Color grading was also a significant part of the project, as it created a welcoming and cheerful ambiance while emphasizing the product. We also adjusted the color corrections to highlight the chosen lighting in the studio and draw attention to the product in general.