HC Slovan

Year: 2018
Color Grading

Production: Toxpro

We were involved in the creation of an extensive series of promotional videos for a hockey club. The footage was captured during real matches, training sessions, and in various stadiums, resulting in an inconsistent and changing light environment, as well as varying camera types. In addition to showcasing the hockey players and on-ice moments, the videos included viewpoints from the spectators, members of the club’s management, and other illustrative shots.

Although the shots were not filmed with cinematic lighting and had different technological levels, the client required a premium and professional visual output. To achieve this, we were brought in for post-production work, particularly Color Grading. The final edit, which had a total length of several hours, was prepared by the production studio Toxpro, then passed on to us. Our task was to harmonize all light environments to create a cohesive and professional-looking image, and to achieve high-quality visuals for the promotional video. We performed minor retouching, significant color corrections, and other interventions as needed.