Year: 2020
Color Grading + VFX

Agency: VMLY&R France
Production: Filmaari

We were involved in the production of an advertisement for a luxury line of fabric softeners where we provided not only Color Grading but also several simple effect shots. Our goal was to create a pleasant and soft family atmosphere for a foreign target audience by using a precisely chosen color palette. The production was done in collaboration with our reliable partner, Filmaari, in 2020.

As part of our comprehensive services, we also specialize in creating packshots. A packshot is the final shot of the advertisement that often conveys the message of the commercial and displays the product and its slogan. Our post-production treatment includes digital editing, 2D or 3D graphics, color correction, re-lighting, and beauty retouch to enhance the final effect of the product. We work closely with the client to meet their specific requests and can implement changes to the visuals of the captured image that may not have been possible during filming due to constraints like time and budget.