Year: 2022
9 shots

Famous Czech and Slovak actors (Karel Roden, Martin Myšička, Lukáš Latinák, Juraj Kemka, Vica Kerekes) starred in this feature-length comedy. We worked on post-production to enhance the scene with the dying grandmother. During the long takes, the actress was unable to hold her breath for that long, so we retouched her chest movements and facial details throughout the sequence to make her appear dead. We collaborated with Flamesite, a Czech production company, on the film.

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Year: 2021
66 shots

The Czech feature film has garnered high acclaim both locally and internationally, receiving 10 Czech Lion awards and an Oscar nomination for the Czech Republic. The biographical film chronicles the life of a legendary athlete during the first and second halves of the 20th century and features period-accurate costumes and film sets. However, due to budget constraints, it was not always feasible to create a historically accurate environment during filming. As a result, we made necessary adjustments during post-production. For instance, we removed air conditioning units and replaced modern windows with wooden ones in scenes filmed on the streets of Zlín. We also replaced modern lighting with period lamps and altered the facade of buildings in group scenes with runners. We digitally removed all 20 runners, fine-tuned the surroundings, and then placed the runners back in the scene. In the airplane scene, we filmed a real plane that was used during Zátopek’s era and is still flying today. To give it a period-accurate look, we digitally replaced the current markings on both the airplane and runway with the old ones.
Our work was done in collaboration with Studio 727, which worked in tandem with the Czech Visual effects house PFX.

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Perinbaba a Dva svety

Year: 2019
VFX look developement

Perinbaba is one of the legendary Slovak fairy tales. Its director, Mr. Juraj Jakubisko, is one of the most renowned Slovak film creators. We were delighted to be among the first to be approached for collaboration on its sequel. We helped create initial visuals for important effects, to ensure clear planning and execution of production. We consulted on our designs in joint meetings with the director and production team. We collaborated on the film with Studio 727.

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Christmas Wish

Year: 2018
52 shots

The feature-length fairy tale directed by Peter Bebjak was created in a Czech-Slovak co-production. It starred well-known actors Tomáš Maštalír, Lukáš Vaculík, and Csongor Kassai. In our studio, we prepared all the magic associated with the negative character of the king’s advisor Svarog – from the initial design to the final render. Svarog’s magic was accompanied by black, thick smoke and floating embers resembling ashes or burnt pieces of paper. We created these effects to match Svarog’s movements and intentions. Final compositing was done by Studio 727, which invited us to this collaboration.

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Red Billabong

Year: 2016
+/- 50 shots

This Australian horror film was produced in a collaboration between Australian and American teams. The main antagonist, a monster called Bunyip, inspired by an Australian legend, was entirely created through computer graphics by the team at Vertex Creation. After designing and animating the character, we were invited to join the project to handle the shading and lighting of all the interior scenes with Bunyip. We replicated the lighting from the on-location environment in which the film was shot, so that the monster fit seamlessly into the scene. By creating the illusion that it was part of the filming process, we helped to bring Bunyip to life. Overall, our studio worked closely with Vertex Creation studio on this project, focusing specifically on the monster’s shading and lighting.

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Spievankovo 5: O povolaniach

Year: 2015
3 shots

In a popular Slovak fairytale featuring an all-star cast including Roman Pomajbo, František Kovár, and Lukáš Latinák, some characters were required to fly. To achieve a realistic effect, the actors were suspended in the air by ropes during filming. However, to remove the ropes in post-production and make the flying effect seamless, we had to meticulously retouch each frame of the film. This is a time-consuming and challenging process that demands a high level of skill and attention to detail. Despite the difficulty, we possess the necessary expertise and patience to bring your creative vision to life. Even popular AI tools are unable to accomplish this. But fear not, for we have the skills and patience needed to bring your visions to life!

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Povstanie Slovensko 1939-1945

Year: 2013
+/- 30 minutes

This documentary film was created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising. The film utilizes real archival black and white footage. In a sequence lasting approximately 30 minutes, we digitally colored selected objects, such as uniforms. We carefully cut out and colored specific parts of the footage frame by frame, using digital software tools and a graphic tablet. We were invited to join the post-production team by BeOnMind studio, and we are proud to have contributed to this important historical project.

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Year: 2012
+/- 10 shots

Director Peter Bebjak’s Slovakian horror film is made in the style of the Blair Witch Project. The movie was shot with a handheld camera to create the impression of authenticity. We worked on the film’s minor details to ensure that everything matched the plot. For example, in one scene, the main character looked through photos, which the production team later decided to replace with other ones. As a result, we digitally replaced the photos and recreated their movement in the image, along with the camera’s motion blur, lighting, and digital noise, due to the dynamic camera work in low light conditions. We were invited to collaborate on this project by Studio 727.

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